Sarah Rupesinghe Art (Artsflo)

Would you like your walls to express an exciting new dimension?

Inspire your walls with nature’s pallet…….

Change the atmosphere of your home or working environment with inspired art that brings the outside into your world,

Lifting the mood and captivating the Imagination.

Let a painting play to you as the music plays to the emotions……


Abstract Textured Painting

Gazing into you

Life Moments

Lift of the Terns

Expressive Animal Art

Pet Portraits Commissions

I am a British mixed media artist located in Hertfordshire. I apply texture on canvas, board, or paper. My paintings may depict humans as radiant silhouettes, or animals as manifestations of love, hope, freedom, peace, compassion, resolve, or power.

Recently I have been experimenting with integrating my approach, recreating, and
recycling natural organic materials and incorporating collage into the
textured medium. This gives the appearance of a three-dimensional abstract
artwork on canvas or board, resulting in rich layers of an almost tactile feel.

I am naturally drawn to interpreting atmospheres and producing movement in a
richly expressive manner. Inspired by the beauty and force of nature’s colours and
vitality, I depict emotions and treasured moments of expression in time.
My desire is to evoke feelings of freedom and joy, as well as spiritual beauty. I hope to transport my audience to different worlds, dimensions, memories and hopes through contemplation and imagination.

And to consider the possibilities beyond our natural world, as well as
interpreting many aspects of life, abstractly expressed through texture, and
illuminated as layers of colour within ourselves. Also, to examine the
complexities of who we are, as well as the abundance of resources and limitless
potential that each of us possesses.

Bespoke Commissions

I delight in creating beautifully individual pieces of artwork that are uniquely
tailored which speaks to my clients in a deeply personal way. From their
favourite pet or animal, memory or dream, picture or scene to an abstract that
enhances and completes a particular room in their home or business

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