Sarah Rupesinghe Art (Artsflo)


Would you like your walls to express an exciting new dimension?

Inspire your walls with nature’s pallet…….

Change the atmosphere of your home or working environment with inspired art that brings the outside into your world,

Lifting the mood and captivating the Imagination.


Gazing into you
Lift of the Terns
Sarah Rupersinghe Artist


Room Sets


The instant I saw this piece out of the corner of my eye, it grabbed my attention. When I stood in front of it, it grabbed my soul and I took a sharp intake of breath. When I read the title emotions surged and brought tears to my eyes. I left the room to compose myself. Art has never done this to me before. What Sarah created was timely; It was inspired, it was there for all to see, yet it was also deeply, deeply personal. Transition is an evocative piece of work. It is powerful to the point of being intimidating. It demands your attention and captures your imagination. Thank you Sarah for releasing this.

Bea Cartiel

I recently commissioned Sarah to do a painting for my family home. I was thoroughly pleased with her wonderful ability to capture a very special family memory. She demonstrated such versatility through her passion and knowledge of the fine arts. Her attention to detail and powerful imagination make her a beautifully talented artist. I would highly recommend her.

Tina Harrison