Wall Art Paintings

Could your wall art painting do with a refurbishment?………

Change the atmosphere with inspiring art paintings that lifts the mood captivates imagination………

Let a painting play to you like music plays to the emotions…..

Hi I’m Sarah

Beginning each wall art painting is my journey and an adventure into the unknown. I am constantly motivated to interpret thoughts and atmospheres, depicting characteristics and momentary expressions, exploring the meaning of colours and how they can affect our emotions. I often use a limited pallet and experiment with the composition of a painting.

I am inspired to capture the beauty and power of nature, as well as animals, with my rich, bold painting style, expressing the sense of freedom and a desired hope. Intrigued by people’s diverse cultures and topical themes, also inspire me to create on canvas.

I work in oils, acrylic and pastel mix for certain projects, depending on how the subject speaks to me and what I would like the desired outcome to appear like. Then I would choose the medium that I think is the most appropriate for the project. Read More