Sarah Rupersinghe Artist

Sarah Rupesinghe

Sarah Rupesinghe loved art from a young age. She grew up in the countryside around her mom’s paintings and famous artists in the family. Their creative work inspired Sarah.

As a kid, Sarah watched animals move outside for hours. She studied how they walked and played. Their motions and faces fascinated her.

After high school, Sarah completed an art foundation program. She then earned excellent grades in a Fine Arts diploma program.

In college, Sarah practised drawing people using charcoal. She drew bold, rough textures. Sarah made people’s bodies look full of movement and expression.

Sarah drew animals sometimes, influenced by Franz Marc’s expressive animal art. But she put her lively style on it.

By exploring all kinds of art mediums, Sarah developed her talents. She learned to capture motion, expression, and bold textures she saw in nature and people. Sarah’s art showed her unique creative