Pet/Animal Commissions Process

The Approach

Approach and contact me with your desire to have a commissioned animal painting. Each piece of art is custom-made, uniquely put together for you, showing your pet or favourite animal.

My approach and creative style is to produce an artistic view, showing the life, likeness and personality of your pet.

We will discuss composition, size, and medium. I will guide you through your decisions to make the desired choice that suits you and the position the painting will be hung in.
 Having seen my style and some examples, you can come to a decision, whether you would prefer a more detailed closeup style painting or a setting where your pet is positioned or being active in.

A short paragraph on the personality and characteristics of your pet is always most helpful for me to create a better character image of your pet.

I will outline all that we discuss with details of the composition. Once we have agreed on the details, I will require a 30% deposit to secure the commission.

Building the painting image

The photographs you produce will determine how much physical detail your pet will have in the painting.

I would require some good quality detailed, preferably high resolution, original photographs of your pet.
It is best for the pet to be happy and relaxed, working, playing or in their favourite place or position.

The clearer the photographs are the better I can get certain key details in. They are best taken at eye level as close as possible. Try to avoid taking a picture with shadows and strong sunlight, preferably having the sun behind you. If there is a slight blur with the animal’s movement, I can work with that. If you have a short clear quality video, this can be extremely useful in creating a composition.

Your images can be emailed to me or if you would like to use hard copy photographs, they can be posted to me and will be returned once the commission has been completed.
If you would like me to paint your favourite animal, I can paint from an original photograph that you have taken, or I can offer you a choice of approved reference photographs that you can choose from. Due to copyright restrictions, I cannot use any photographs as a picture reference.

This is the time allotted to paint the picture of your pet or favourite animal. Once the composition is formed, I will send you a photo update.


On completion of the painting I will send a final photograph for approval and if there are any tweaks to be made, they will be done. 

In this time, we will discuss framing possibilities. I can organize framing for you, put you in touch with a framer to deal directly with, or once you have your painting you can organize framing from your end.

Pastels will be sent with mount card backing and care information. Canvases will be sent with equipment for hanging.


Offering a Local free delivery service. Otherwise: Royal mail or Parcelforce. Securely wrapped and parcelled, they will also be fully insured for transit. The Delivery fee will be determined by the size and weight of the package on completion.