Original Autumn Burst



“Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes”.

Song of Solomon 2:15


We have a glorious grapevine in our garden which grows profusely each year and if I do not prune the vine back regularly it would really take over! However much I cut it back it always comes back flourishing, growing madly, covering whatever is in its way wherever it grows. In the Autumn, the leaves turn the most beautifully exquisite array of rich colours that dance through them.

Every year at this time, the grapes that have not been harvested are still securely attached to the vine, gradually shrivelling as the cooler days draw in. On those warm sunny days in the Autumn, the wasps would swarm around the grapes, intoxicated with its delights. Then at night, the vine attracts the foxes to come into the garden searching for the grapes. Evidently, they come not just for the grapes but the vines and roots, especially the younger vines, though I think mine is too old for them, to appreciate the delights of the roots and the young Vine. This must be as important to keep the foxes away from the commercial vineyards!

This has inspired me to paint the semi-abstract “Autumn burst” painting, using all the rich colours of the Autumn vine leaves and grapes, moving and harmonising together, placing a fox nestled in the centre.

The Autumn sun produces a mellow warm glow which enhances the Autumn colours. For this effect I incorporated different shades of gold paint in some of the mixes of rich colours. Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Magenta, red Ion oxide and Yellow Ochre, white and touches of Cadmium orange, Windsor blue and Copper.

As I was painting this painting, I was reminded of the time, some years ago, when I attended art school. I was very much attracted to the work of one of the early expressionist German painters Franz Marc 1880-1916. At the time I was experimenting with screen printing images of his famous three horse composition, combining different colours.

Franz Marc was known, in his time, for painting bold abstract style paintings. The main emphasis of his work incorporated Animals that infused with their environment. His attraction to paint nature together with animal images using strong colours and lines, were deeply symbolic to Franz. Each animal he painted had a strong significance to why he painted the subject. He was able to create such movement and expression with his use of block colours, strong linear and simple forms.

His paintings incorporated aspects of Cubist, Futurist and Fauvist styles which was the influence of the avant-garde painting movements of the time as well as being involved with the artists groups he was with and initiated.

Abstract with fox Acrylic on canvas-Unframed-£650.00


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