“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance, but their inward significance”


Custom Pet Portraits Commissions

Would you like to capture those quirky, funny, adorable poses or actions your pets do so naturally? Then have them translated into a painting you can treasure. 

Your pet is unique as you are as a person and they all have their own characteristics and ways that make us smile and laugh with affection.

With the abundance of crossbreeds these days, they come in even more different shapes and sizes and personalities

My delight is to capture the expressions, characteristics and movement of your treasured pets or favourite wildlife animal.

I aim to create a distinct aliveness, and characteristic likeness of the animal with an abstract flair.
Achieving this by using the painting mediums of Pastels, Acrylics or Oils, depending on what effect or size you desire.

I am Listening

Often certain backgrounds and settings are included to create the overall image. These are bespoke paintings that are distinctive to you and your pet, therefor I will work closely with you, where necessary, to achieve the optimum effect.

Hide and Seek

What I need from you

I would require some good quality detailed, preferably high resolution, original photographs of your pet animal in those wonderful natural situations and poses. The clearer the photograph the better I can get certain key details in. They are best taken at eye level as close as possible.
Try to avoid taking a picture with shadows and strong sunlight, preferably having the sun behind you. If there is slight blur with the animal’s movement, I can work with that.

If you have a short clear quality video, this can be extremely useful in creating an image. Your images can be emailed to me or if you would like to use hard copy photographs, they can be posted to me and will be returned once the commission has been completed.
 A short paragraph on the personality and characteristics of your pet, for me to create the right representation.  Click on timeline for order details.

Here is some information on each medium.

Pastels Art

What are soft pastels?
I often work in the medium of soft pastels when creating a piece. This is a dry medium of painting in the form of a stick or crayon, consisting of a powder pigment and a binder, which should not be mixed with the idea that they are chalks, as pastels do not contain chalk.

Being powdered pigments, they produce a beautiful Velvety texture. With their extensive range of deep rich and pale pastel colours makes them versatile and wonderful to use. The pastels blend, creating lovely effects giving luminosity to the colours.

The colours stay very resilient over time, the picture needs to avoid overly direct sunlight and extreme heat with high humidity. 

It is important that these pictures have frames with glass/sturdy plexiglass to protect them, whereas with the acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, there is not a necessity.   

Size ranges: 8×12, 12×16,16×20, A4 or A3 inches. Prices from a simple composition at £250.00-£495.00 depending on composition of picture excluding mounting, framing and pp.

Acrylics Art

Acrylics are a water soluble medium which work well on most surfaces including Canvas, wood, or paper. This fast, drying paint is waterproof and durable, giving plenty of scope to create different layers giving a more textured look. Acrylics can also give you a clean modern bright colour effect.

4-5 weeks to complete from composition agreement.

From £275.00

Oils Art

This classic medium has a unique quality for the artist to be able to blend colours beautifully, creating a smooth effect, with its buttery consistency. This is achieved due to the slow drying process of the paint. These oil paintings produce a painterly richness to the quality of a picture. Therefore on ordering an oil painting there will be a slightly longer time needed for completion, due to the nature of the paint.

6-8 weeks to complete from composition agreement.

From £295.00

If you do not have a clear idea what medium you prefer for me to work in, do not be confused or concerned, I am here to help you and to guide your choice or make an informed decision for you.



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