Every great piece of art begins with a great idea……

Is there something, Someone or somewhere that is close to your heart?

Would you love to represent the subject as a piece of art that is personal to you?

The Wedding

You may have a favourite scene, a personal picture or thought that has a special meaning to your life your home, organisation or even to give as a gift. You may desire to have an abstract painting in a certain colour to suit the image of your home.

The Journey


“The commissioned artwork depicts elements of my life’s journey past, present and future beautifully using deep bold colours and abstract themes which somehow speak to me about my God given purpose individuality, creatively and character on a daily. Truly one of a kind..”

Karina Immanuel

If you are interested, I would be delighted to discuss the idea with you. Fill in your details with a brief message on the theme and I will personally contact you. If you would like to talk by phone, please leave your contact number.


Commission Enquiry