Commissioned Art

Create Wonderful Memories

Is there something, someone or somewhere that is close to your heart?

Every great piece of art begins with a great idea……

Would you love to represent the subject as a piece of art that is personal to you?

What is Commissioned Artwork?

Like many art fans, I have dreamed of having commissioned artwork – an oil painting, cool sculpture, or portrait of me. I wish for art created for who I am. I want art created especially for me.

But turning space into my art oasis seems hard. What art style and subject do I pick? How can I explain my vision to an artist? Where can I find an artist to make the art I picture?

If this sounds familiar, relax! This guide will explain how to get custom art step-by-step.

How to Discover Art You’ll Love Forever

Look inside yourself to find art matching your spirit. What subjects, colours, and textures excite you? Research fascinating art styles – abstract, modern, graffiti. Save inspirational images. This helps pick art you’ll treasure.

Picture where you’ll display the art – living room, bedroom, office? How will it fit and look in that space? This helps choose the ideal size, medium, colours and style. Take time with this step – your custom art should have personal meaning.

How to Find the Perfect Artist for You

Search for artists great at turning imagined visions into real artwork. Dive into their art samples online. Do you connect with their skills and style? Do any pieces speak to you? Make a list of favourites.

Think about chatting with a couple of top artists to learn about how they work, their style, and who they are. See if they understand you and your vision. Don’t rush – finding the right creative partner takes time and connection. You deserve an artist who gets you.

How to Explain Your Vision

After picking an artist, communication is key to success. Share your vision by providing details, inspiring pictures, and example sketches. Be open to their ideas too. Mix their skills with your vision for awesome results.

Explain must-haves and limits early so you’re on the same page. Like if you need a certain size to fit a wall space. Share budget limits too. Mutual understanding is vital.

How to Protect Your Art Investment

Before getting started, craft an ironclad contract outlining each project parameter and milestone. This values the artist’s time but gives you options if problems arise. Checkpoints keep things moving along. Be professional and watch your imagination come to life!

This shows professionalism and respect for the artist’s time and work.

How to Embrace the Creative Process

Know creating art doesn’t follow a straight path. Avoid controlling every step – give feedback but also encouragement. Know challenges will come up you can’t see. Stay flexible, patient, and focused on the final art. Soon your trusted artist makes meaningful art through their creative mystery.

How to Make Your Dream Art a Reality

Take time to get clear on art you’ll love. Find an artist who connects with you and your vision. Communicate details and limitations. Make a contract to protect everyone. Embrace creativity’s messy path. Soon your art oasis will become real through your partnership.

What my clients say

“The commissioned artwork depicts elements of my life’s journey past, present and future beautifully using deep bold colours and abstract themes which somehow speak to me about my God-given purpose individuality, creatively and character on a daily. Truly one of a kind..”

Karina Immanuel

If you are interested, I would be delighted to discuss the idea with you. Fill in your details with a brief message on the theme and I will personally contact you. If you would like to talk by phone, please leave your contact number.