“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art…..”

Leonardo da vinci

Sarah Rupesinghe

The Artist

Sarah’s interest in art started at an early age, surrounded by her mother’s landscape paintings as well as her sketches and doodles of horses. This was also fuelled by visiting her mother’s cousins and aunts at an early age, who all had had lengthy careers as well-known artists in their time.

As a little girl growing up in the countryside in Buckinghamshire, she spent much of her time alone, observing the animals and birds around her, watching their habits and ways of living. This birthed her great love for nature and the countryside.

Sarah studied art in her late teens, developing a specific drawing style using charcoal, passionately creating strong textured tones and form, concentrating mostly on life drawing and animals. She received a distinction in her final year of the course of art studies and was set to go further…

Due to certain circumstances, life took Sarah down a different path and she embarked on a professional career in the world of floristry in London, eventually developing her own successful creative florist business.

After some years Sarah has returned to the Buckinghamshire countryside along with her first love of art and her artistic heritage. Largely self-taught mixed with different art courses she has developed her pastel drawings of animals and people.

Working in acrylics and oils Sarah is inspired to paint heartfelt dramatic paintings as well as her life’s inner and outer journey and surroundings.

She also undertakes personal commissions and exhibits her work.